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The Average UK Household

Unsecured Debt in 2017 is


Much of this Debt is Credit Card Debt?

How much do you owe on your Credit Cards?

Is your Credit Card Debt growing?

When did you last look or do you assume your monthly direct debit payment is reducing your debt? Did you know that the Banks want you to be in Debt, it’s true that’s how they make money?

What should you DO?

Start by checking your monthly statement, it is probably online. Now check how much you pay each month. You probably only pay the minimum amount which means your debt grows each month.

Facts about Debt

In 2015 the average household unsecured debt was £11,000. In 2016/17 it is now £13,000. With the pound down by 25% due to BREXIT prices are set to rise in 2017 by at least 10%. This means unsecured debt will rise for many. Sources BBC News
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Escape the Debt Vortex and Thrive

How can you reduce this debt?

It starts by knowing everything you owe. Then you need to know how much you earn. Step 3 is to find ways to cut your outgoings. Now you can start to reduce your debt with money you save. Sounds simple doesn’t it; it is if you know how, this is why having significantly reduced my debt I decided to share everything I did and much more.

Debt Vortex

What is debt vortex, a vortex is like a black hole, a place where everything that comes close gets sucked in. Are your debts sucking you in to a black hole or debt vortex? Would you like to stop the vortex of debt sucking you in? Well now you can if you purchase my book called Debt Vortex Eliminator. This book will show you how to: Save money every month Cut your bills Reduce your Credit Card Debt Give you more money at the end of the month, rather than more month at the end of the money.

What is Debt Vortex Eliminator Worth?

So far an average family that has followed each step of Debt Vortex Eliminator has saved in the region of £50 to £100 per week, that’s £200 to £400 every month. One family used my Credit Card tips to significantly reduce the amount of interest they pay. Another family made it possible for Dad to reduce the number of hours he worked spending more time with the family. Imagine being able to afford a holiday in the sun each year without using your credit card, well follow my advice and you can.

Breaking habits

Debt is often caused by habits, cut the habit and reduce your debts fast. Now we know how hard it is to cut a habit, so we want to give you a book called “How the Mind Works”, this book teaches you how to change habits that cost you loads.

How the Mind Works is worth?

If you have a habit that costs you more each month than you can afford to pay, then this book could be worth a fortune, imagine if your habit costs you £10 per day, follow the advice in this book and you could save £70 per week or £280 every month. Can you see how these two books could enable you to escape the debt vortex fast and rapidly reduce your Credit Card and other unsecured debt?

Secure your copy now!

Click the Buy Button below, complete the payment process by Debit, Credit Card or PayPal and download these two books today. You will even be able to download a spread sheet which you can use to establish your current financial position which is essential to avoiding the debt vortex. For just £10 you can secure both books today and save many times more fast.
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